Optical Coating Technologies, Inc.

About Us:


We are a small family owned company in Western Massachusetts, catering to optical instrument manufacturers, precision optical shops, and OEM's across the North American continent. We are located in Westfield, Massachusetts, nestled in the scenic Pioneer Valley, near the west bank of the Connecticut River.

We are within a short drive of the Hartford/Springfield airport (Bradley International), and very near the intersection of Interstates 90 and 91, placing us approximately 2.5 hours from Boston, and New York.

We began business in January of 1990, specializing in the production of thin film coatings primarily used in commercial camera systems. We have coated optics for the US and Canadian militaries, as well as for medical, commercial, and scientific instruments.

The president of the company, Larry Songer, began his thin-film career in Santa Rosa, California in 1968, and has become a respected name in the field of optical coating design and application. As the author of a commercially available thin film software package, and the designer of several coating machines, he is familiar with the many critical aspects of the design and manufacturing parameters required to successfully produce thin film coatings to customer specifications in a timely, cost effective way.

Our facilities include a number of coating machines, ranging from 18" to 48" in diameter, equipped with resistance sources, electron guns, and cryogenic pumps, enabling us to coat optics up to 24" in diameter. Coatings in the range of 180nm to 2500nm are verified by using a Cary 17D spectrophotometer, and coatings from 2.5microns to 50microns are verified with our Perkin-Elmer 283B infrared spectrophotometer.

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